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About Us

Scuba Diving is Our Way of Life

One Dude Diving is a Scuba Diving Company located in the Pacific Northwest headquartered in Marysville, WA. The company is lead by Christopher Lucier, an Instructor Trainer with International Training (SDI - Scuba Diving International, TDI Technical Diving International, PFI - Performance Freediving International, ERDI - Emergency Response Diving International, and FRTI - First Response Training International for CPR and First Aid). We provide custom tailored small class instruction for the full catalog of International Training Certifications and Specialties from Advanced Adventure Diver to Instructor. International training courses can be found at Please contact us and we can tailor a course or program to meet your needs. We teach primarily in the Seattle and Everett Washington areas but can arrange to travel with you nearly anywhere to accomplish your goals.

Meet Our Staff

Our staff are comprised of some of the best instructors in the Industry. All are seasoned scuba divers with many years of diving and teaching experience. Our instructors live and breathe diving in the Pacific Northwest and embrace the differences and challenges that are presented diving in our environment. All of our instructors are certified by SDI and/or TDI and most hold advanced personal and instructor ratings in the full spectrum of specialty ratings.

Christopher Lucier - Owner and Chief Instructor

Chris holds the rating of Instructor Trainer, the highest in the International Training family. While he loves teaching any level of diving he can often be found searching for GPO's on a rebreather in the Puget Sound. Aside from the IT rating, Chris has 20 different specialty instructor ratings, several TDI ratings and also teaches CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Oxygen usage.

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